Aleksei Koren (Alex)

Design & Illustration

Hi, my name is Aleksei Koren, and I am a Houston-based Illustrator and Senior Graphic Designer originally from Minsk, Belarus. I have an extensive portfolio of graphic design, illustration, logo and branding, of which these are some highlights.

* Case studies of the bellow artwork are the works and will be available here shortly.

I am working for Conoco Philips full time right now, and only able to take on a few side projects. If you have a project or a task that you think my particular skill set might contribute well to, please reach out to me via the form bellow. I’m especially interested in motion graphic projects.

P. Renee Koren (Renee)

Web & Application Development

P.  Renee Koren (Renee) is an experienced senior full stack web developer, based out of Houston TX. She’s worked with small local companies and large international ones, has experience in a variety of CMS and programming languages such as React.js and PHP as well as the usual frontend languages of JavaScript/HTML/CSS.  She’s worked in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, AB testing, e-commerce, web marketing and SEO. She thinks outside the box, solves problems, and is a loyal and dedicated friend and teammate.

I am currently available for part time work. If you think I might be a good fit for your team or for a project you’re working on, please reach out to me with the form bellow.

<H1>Looking for a team</H1>


<p>What I have to offer your team and my current availability. </p>

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<H1>The peculiarities of this place</H1>


<p>A discussion of why we decided to break away from some best practices and norms in mapping out this website and its data. </p>

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<H1>My Professional Journey</H1>


<p>Reflecting on my journey as a web developer, the places and people I've worked for, and some of the interesting things about them. Visuals of projects at each place going back to 2010. </p>

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