The Dinerstein Companies


This project was interesting to me because of it’s structure and very nice design.


Built in WordPress CMS. Otherwise everything is custom.


Every element had to be extremely modular and able to handle a variety of use cases, and in many cases, an entirely different solution on device view.

For example, the ‘quality’ content slider in the large image on the right, was used for everything from this featured property slider, to single slide testimonials, news posts, etc.

Pretty much every element is a modular tool used in several ways.

The footer, for example, can be configured on any page to have any of the design/content elements and there’s an easy way to select whichever ‘next’ page is desired. I couldn’t automate pagination as they wanted to be able to skip around and link to pages out of order.

The image with buildings in the image on the right is actually a fully functional hand built tool with popups able to be placed anywhere desired on any image. The scaling part was pretty tricky. But in the end it wasn’t needed so just exists in silence.


This project was when I discovered how much I love owl carousel :)

I also thought the menu was interesting, and pretty clean.

As usual, everything here was hand crafted to match the very particular design so we didn’t use any particular modules/plugins for design elements…with the exception of the photo gallery that was adjusted late in the game.

Personal Notes: Every time I get to work on a really outstanding design I get a little extra personal satisfaction out of it, so this one is one of my favorites.

Credits: This project was done while working for Savage Brands as Lead Web Developer. It was designed by Ashley Rundall.