CenterPoint Annual Report 2014


An ’emergency’ build for a CenterPoint annual report.


Not built in a CMS. HTML/CSS/Jquery.


This annual report was, of course, on a very firm deadline, and had to be outsourced due to internal bandwidth limits. However just about a week before the deadline we discovered serious issues with the deliverables and the third party resource wasn’t available to correct them.

Another very difficult requirement was that every bit of it had to work almost perfectly all the way back to IE8.


I received this project with very little time and had to rework it entirely (fullscreen and device) except for some styling and javascript. So of course, the main success is that the deadline was met and the client was satisfied.

Another major success was that I was able to find ways to work the animation all the way back to IE8 and it (almost) looked the same.

Personal Notes

I really liked the design and the illustrations. Also I liked the subtly of the background color/patterns changing colors and think that turned out well.

It’s a good menu too.

Credits: This project was done while working for Savage Brands as Lead Web Developer. I reworked it from an initial version developed by a third party. It was designed by Ashley Rundall.