P. Renee Koren

Web Developer


I work with the online community of developers to produce better code to evolve a better internet and, by extension, to improve every day life for as many people as possible.

Web Development

Evolving the internet

I believe in open source, and dream of one day contributing in a larger way to an up and coming open source project.

On an every day basis I build with the next web developer (or the customer) in mind. I comment, create self explanatory code and strive towards the KISS principle.

Web Solutions

Building tools

Because of my personal goal or ‘purpose’ of helping to evolve the internet, I don’t just build websites. Rather I try to build tools that allow others to do things they couldn’t otherwise do.


News & Updates


After a wonderful experience working with an amazing team at BMC, I’ve gone back freelance. I’m currently branching out into some interesting new projects.

I’m now working at BMC technologies

I’m now working with a really neat team at BMC Technologies. It’s pretty much perfect :)

My favorite poster/saying

I really like this saying/expression and have had on display at my desk for a long time. It’s a good reminder that more complex is not always the desired result. It takes more effort to make something simple, but it’s nearly always a time-saver later on down the road.