Visual Composer Extention


A custom plugin for WordPress with examples and shortcuts to extend visual composer with custom blocks, and also to hide/disable undesired blocks.


Built for WordPress CMS.


As part of ongoing improvement to websites created for clients, I received a request to incorporate visual composer into our base build and future websites…as an optional addition. This necessitated extending visual composer as custom blocks would need to be built in order to handle custom programming in future websites.


I studied up on the visual composer api, which is wonderful, and created a small plugin that could be optionally enabled or disabled on upcoming websites to include my modifications to visual composer when needed. In the plugin I created a couple of sample custom blocks with every variation of custom field or setting that I could find as a reference point for future work.

I then baked this new plugin into our ‘base build’ or custom development theme ‘Peculator.’

Immediately after building this plugin, I was able to put it into use on three websites and my fellow web dev used it on another, to great effect.

Personal Notes

I always enjoy learning a new api…and must say that visual composer is heads and shoulders above other WordPress visual builders in the flexibility that it provides.

Credits: This project was done while working for Savage Brands as Lead Web Developer.