US Flag & Flagpole Supply


A revised website with research aimed at increasing purchases and quote request specifically for the larger items.


Built in Magento CMS. Using several commercial plugins with modifications as well as custom programming.


The customer came to me with major complaints about website downtime, slow loading time, customers getting lost, almost no sales being made through the website and the difficulty of managing it. He wanted to improve purchases of smaller items but also, and more importantly, to get more leads for ‘monster flagpoles’ and large custom flagpoles.

The domain is very established and had good placement, so any work done had to be done very carefully so as to avoid damaging any existing traffic.


Before starting the project, I spent a few weeks reviewing their current search engine placements, keywords, search traffic, types of people finding them, conversion and bounce rate, and comparing these things to those of their primary online competitors (which I first identified).

I discovered that their domain just happened to already fit very well their primary and best keywords, and that their current placement resulted from how long they’ve been around, the forums they’re linked to from and the general respectability of their domain.

However, though there was plenty of traffic making it to their website, the bounce rate was very high and few customers were making it through to actually place orders or submit a request. I identified the main culprit as the extremely slow load time of each page and how difficult it was to even figure out how to place an order.

As a result of my research, I worked with my spouse as the graphic designer (Alex Koran) to make the new design much easier for clients to find their way around in, make purchases, and also to emphasis an easy way for them to request quotes for larger items.

I recommended, and the client chose to go with, the Magento CMS as it was large and sturdy enough to accommodate the large amount of products, comprehensive purchasing system and order and shipping systems that were needed.

In order to make future management of products as easy as possible, I figured out a way for the client to easily manage, update and modify products via csv import to Magento, and provided detailed documentation to help their employees do so.

As a way to ‘catch’ more potential clients, I set them up with a zopim chat instance and taught their workers how to manage it.

After going live in August 2014, the client saw their bounce rate drop from 30-60% to about 2%, while traffic remained the same and page views increased from 2-300 to 1-3000.  Purchases increased and quote requests began to arrive in much great amounts for the larger items.

To provide the power and stability needed for this rather large and robust eccomerce system, I researched various providers and recommended a dedicated siteground hosting plan to the client. Since launch there’s been little to no downtime, the price is reasonable, and load time is excellent.

Personal Notes

This project was especially interesting for me because of the challenge of a very old, established domain and the priority of improving specific results rather than simply ‘making it pretty.’ And then seeing it actually work was a beautiful thing.

Credits: This project was done while freelancing in 2014. It was designed by Aliaksei (Alex) Koran