P. Renee Wells-Koran

Web Developer


I work with the online community of developers to produce better code to evolve a better internet and, by extension, to improve every day life for as many people as possible.

I am currently available for a new position.

My Resume

Web Development

Evolving the internet

I believe in open source, and dream of one day contributing in a larger way to an up and coming open source project.

On an every day basis I build with the next web developer (or the customer) in mind. I comment, create self explanatory code, and practice OOP.

Web Solutions

Building tools

Because of my personal goal or ‘purpose’ of helping to evolve the internet, I don’t just build websites. Rather I try to build tools that allow others to do things they couldn’t otherwise do.


News & Updates

I’m now working at BMC technologies

I’m now working with a really neat team at BMC Technologies. It’s pretty much perfect :)

Available for a new position

After a wonderful experience of working at Savage Brands, I’m available for a new position. I’m currently freelancing and doing contract work for Savage and other local companies until I find my new team. You can reach me at 832.387.2443 or via email at info@perlarenee.com Here is my updated resume.

My favorite poster/saying

I really like this saying/expression and have had on display at my desk for a long time. It’s a good reminder that more complex is not always the desired result. It takes more effort to make something simple, but it’s nearly always a time-saver later on down the road.